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Stormont Estate, Upper Newtownards Road, BT4 3SU

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Dundonald House is a B+ listed (HB26/13/045) 12 storey international style government building in the Stormont Estate. Designed by Robert Hanna Gibson, the building consists of two long blocks - one rectangular and twelve storeys high, mainly clad in Portland limestone, and the other curved and seven storeys high, linked by a central seven storey entrance cube. The headquarters of the Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Rural Affairs and the Northern Ireland Prison Service are located here.

However, Dundonald House is no longer suitable for office accommodation due to its current condition. According to a high level structural assessment by Tetra Tech, the external stone cladding has become unsafe, and existing windows, building fabric, and building services have come to the end of their practical lifespan. Renovation would require a substantial investment, and it's no longer feasible.

In December 2022, the Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports Association (NICSSA) submitted a planning application (LA04/2023/2467/LBC) proposing to demolish the existing pavilion building and replace it with a new two-story building that includes state-of-the-art indoor sports halls, changing accommodation, function/meeting space, and other improvements. The plans also involve the demolition and site clearance of the Dundonald House site, making room for the extension and development of new international standard outdoor multi-sports playing, training, and ancillary facilities.

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