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32-38 Lyndon Court, Queen Street, BT1 6EF

About room2 Aparthotel

In February 2019, Oakland Holdings Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/0553/F) seeking the demolition of 32-38 Queen Street and erection of 175 bed aparthotel with associated bar, restaurant and conferencing facilities. The Queen Street Aparthotel is currently under construction and is located at the corner of Queen Street and College Street. The site previously comprised Lyndon Court, which was a 3 storey building that included ground floor retail space, a courtyard and office space on the upper floors.

The nine-storey Oakland Holdings property on Queen Street will be leased by room2 hometels, backed by Lamington Group.

Previous planning applications have been submitted for the site including Z/2008/0559/F which was approved in May 2009 to demolish Lyndon Court and replace the site with a four-storey mixed use development including retail units at ground floor and office space on the upper floors. Another planning application, Z/2010/0385/F was then approved in March 2010 for a 7-storey retail and office building on the site.

In February 2023, Oakland Holdings submitted a planning application (LA04/2023/2758/A) proposing 2 high-level projecting signs on the room2 aparthotel/ "hometel" building.

On 16th October 2023, room2 Belfast opened for business.

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November 2020

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October 2023





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