EastSide Hotel

Hotel development
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402 Newtownards Road, BT4 1HH

About EastSide Hotel

The site is located within the Lower Newtownards Road area of East Belfast. It is currently partially landscaped with both hardstanding and a grassed area.The remainder of the site currently houses a Sustrans office constructed from an old shipping container. The site is also home to Freight Belfast - a restaurant opened by brothers Gerard and Christy McQuillan in 2018 - which is also housed in an old shipping container.

In June 2020, EastSide Partnership submitted a planning application (LA04/2020/1176/F) proposing the construction of a new 21 bedroom hotel, including ground level cafe/bar facilities, and integration with and extension to the existing Freight restaurant. The hotel will be a shipping container themed hotel with the hotel being built out of shipping container materials and rooms based on the size of shipping containers. This application was approved in November 2022 by the Belfast City Council Planning Committee, with the council also considering approving £750,000 in funding to support the project.

In January 2024, it was announced that Belfast City Council has granted funding support for the project.

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