College Square North

Residential development

College Square North, BT1 6AS

About College Square North

College Square North was previously a vacant site, used for 35 car parking spaces, at the corner of College Square North and Hamill Street. There is currently a residential development under construction on the site.

In June 2018, a planning application was submitted (LA04/2018/1719/F) to deliver a seven-storey residential development consisting of 48 social housing units in a mix of 1 and 2 beds. The application was approved in 2020. Works commenced on the site in April 2022 by MJ McBridge.

The site has also had a previous planning application to deliver a seven storey residential developments comprising 46 apartments which was refused planning permission (LA04/2016/2018/F).

In February 2024, the process of removing scaffolding around the development was completed.

In May 2024, Triangle Housing Association announced that the handover of the apartment development would be completed before Summer 2024.

Project Information

Start Date

April 2022

Completion Date

August 2024





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