12 College Square North

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12 College Square North, BT1 6AS

About 12 College Square North

12 College Square North is a Grade B1 listed four storey townhouse that was developed alongside 8-11 College Square North in the 1830s as town housing for wealthy merchants. The terrace is four stories high and was originally brick-faced. The houses were gradually rendered to achieve a fashionable stucco appearance.

The townhouse was home to a many figures including Dr. Forsythe, Dr. William Whitla JP (Professor of Materia Medica at Queen’s College), Samuel Fenton JP (Lord Mayor of Belfast) and Bernard Hughes JP (proprietor of the ‘Railway and Model Bakeries’).

Soon after the development of the new Municipal Technical Institute (now John Bell House) on the front lawn of the Royal Belfast Academical Institution (known as ‘Inst’), the wealthy inhabitants of College Square North gradually began to move out which resulted in the houses becoming offices.

8-11 College Square North was acquired by Hearth and redeveloped into apartments. It was not possible for Hearth to acquire 12 College Square North resulting in the building becoming vandalised.

In June 1997, a planning application was submitted (Z/1997/2502) seeking the conversion of College of Technology annex to a ground floor restaurant with offices on upper floors which was later approved.

In July 2002, a planning application was submitted (Z/2002/1756/F) seeking the erection a new office development. This was approved in November 2002.

In April 2005, Mr. P. McElory submitted a planning application (Z/2005/0722/F) proposing change of use from dining/canteen area and office to tourist hostel accommodation for short stay visits. This application was approved in November 2005.

In July 2016, Dunedin Developments Ireland submitted a planning application (LA04/2016/1566/F) proposing change of use from youth hostel to 6 apartments including the demolition of a 2 storey rear extension and construction of a new 2 storey rear extension. This application was approved in May 2017.

In May 2022, Dunedin Developments Ireland submitted a new planning application (LA04/2022/1043/F) seeking to renew their previously approved application (LA04/2016/1566/F).

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