City Quays 3

Office development

Donegall Quay, City Quays, BT1 3EE

About City Quays 3

City Quays 3 is a 16 storey purpose built, Category A Office development and provides 250,000 sq ft of office floorspace.

In May 2017, Belfast Harbour submitted a planning application (LA04/2017/1090/RM) proposing the development of 16 storey office accommodation which includes public realm and other ancillary development. This application was designated as a regionally significant project and sent to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) for consideration. The Department for Infrastructure approved the application in February 2019.

In 2019, Farrans Construction commenced work on the City Quays 3 site and completed construction of the external structure of the building in October 2021.

In November 2021, US tech firm Aflac announced it would be the first tenant in City Quays 3.

In July 2022, B Secur, a heart health technology company, submitted a planning application (LA04/2022/1433/A) seeking to erect a rooftop illuminated building sign on south east elevation of City Quays 3.

In December 2022, Emma Fooks submitted a planning application (LA04/2022/2275/A) proposing a rooftop internally lit building sign on the eastern elevation of City Quays 3 indicating the relocation of Microsoft's Belfast office.

Project Information

Start Date

May 2019

Completion Date

February 2022




250000 ft²



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