Castle Street Mixed Use Development

Mixed Use development
Including Residential, Retail use

Castle Street, BT1 1GJ

About Castle Street Mixed Use Development

In January 2021, Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey announced that CSI1818 Limited had been appointed to redevelop a derelict site at Castle Street in Belfast City centre. The derelict site at Castle Street and Marquis Street in Belfast was acquired by the Department for Communities in 2018 for the purposes of redevelopment. 

The Department for Communities ran a competition for developers to put forward their proposals for the site, which resulted in CSI1818 Limited being selected. CSI1818 Limited has also acquired adjacent sites for development alongside the Department’s site and their combined redevelopment programme will lead to construction of retail space and residential accommodation. The combined site currently consists of derelict sites & small retail businesses.

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