Apollo Bowl

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Apollo Road, BT12 6HP

About Apollo Bowl

Adelaide Business Park is situated on the Apollo Road, just off the Boucher Road and located on a 1.02 hectare site. The property consists of a commercial complex comprising a two-storey office building fronting onto a car park overlooking Apollo Road, behind which sits two rows of warehouse units. The warehouses initially provided seven units on either side and are separated from one another by a central corridor void which in turn facilitates access to additional office units at the end of each warehouse unit. The complex is sub divided into 46 no. units (14 warehouse units and 32 office units) totalling 45,990 sq ft (18,925 sq ft warehouse and 27,065 sq ft office). Adelaide Business Park has 196 no. car parking spaces marked out at the property, 19 of which are dedicated spaces.

Adelaide Business Centre has been in existence for a considerable period of time and is assumed to have been constructed before 1973. The site was originally known as the Boucher Business Centre.

Adelaide Business Centre was home to many tenants such as the Irish Football Association (IFA), N.A.S Labortories, Mobility Direct, Airphone Communications Ltd, The Signature Works, We Buy Any Car, Clear Group and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

In October 1990, Carrow Properties Ltd submitted a planning application (Z/1990/0922) proposing an extension to the existing Boucher Business Centre to provide industrial warehouse and showroom space and erection of new site fence and security hut. This application was approved in December 1990.

In June 1998, G Busgetth submitted a planning application (Z/1998/0555) proposing the erection of an illuminated totem sign at the entrance of the Boucher Business Centre and the erection of a floodlit sign on facade of premises. This application was approved in September 1998. G Busgetth also submitted another planning application (Z/1998/0556) proposing the provision of additional car parking with associated amenity lighting. This application was approved in June 1998.

In August 2018, Kilmona Property Ltd submitted a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) (LA04/2018/2117/PAN) proposing the development of an 87 Bed Hotel, 36 Apartments and 14 Business Studios. This Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) was deemed acceptable.

In July 2019, Kilmona Property Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2019/1598/F) proposing a mixed use development comprised of an Apart-Hotel (87no. bedrooms & 26no. serviced apartments), 14no. Business Studios and 10 no. live/work studios with associated car parking and landscaping. This application was withdrawn in August 2020.

In July 2020, MK5 LTD submitted a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) (LA04/2022/1465/PAN) for a £2million mix use leisure development proposing change of use from office space to a 16 Lane Bowling Alley, Licensed Restaurant, Indoor Golf, Children's Soft Play, VR Zone & Amusements, Smoking Area, Carparking, Signage and Associated Site Works. This Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) was deemed acceptable.

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