7 Chlorine Gardens

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7 Chlorine Gardens, BT9 5DJ

About 7 Chlorine Gardens

7 Chlorine Gardens is a detached, 2.5-story imperial brick building constructed around 1900. It features two bays—one canted and one square—and a 2.5-story gable-ended rear extension. A detached garage, built with metric red facing brick and concrete roof tiles that do not match the original building, is located along the boundary with No. 5 Chlorine Gardens. The property had been vacant for a considerable period and has experienced neglect and structural damage. This includes damage caused by the removal of lead roof flashings, vandalism leading to rotted timber roof and floor members, and significant fire damage to the garage.

In March 2024, Enagh Investments Limited submitted two planning application (LA04/2024/0473/F & LA04/2024/0478/DCA) proposing the development of 5 no. apartments, including two & two and a half storey rear extension, alterations, landscaping and cycle parking. The second application proposed demolition involving removing the detached garage, boundary fences/walls, front porch, floors, stairs, partial internal/external walls, and the roof of the rear return.

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