reefLIVE Aquarium

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Queens Road, BT3 9DH

About reefLIVE Aquarium

reefLIVE Aquarium is a proposed £12m visitor experience located on Queens Road, Belfast in the Titanic Quarter.

In December 2019, ReefLive Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2020/0010/F) proposing the development of an aquarium, car parking and associated infrastructure. ReefLive stated that the aquarium " will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world, using a unique blend of augmented reality and live displays to deliver 21st century conservation education". This application was approved in September 2020.

The reefLIVE Aquarium project is backed by Co-Fund NI, a scheme from Invest NI which helps growing firms access equity finance.

reefLIVE Aquarium had been due to open in 2022, however no construction work or preparatory work has taken place on the site.

In July 2023, a spokesperson for reefLIVE stated it was still intent on carrying out the project but that "development has been delayed post-pandemic due to rising construction and material costs". (Belfast Telegraph)

In January 2024, James Eyre, CEO of Titanic Quarter Ltd, revealed that the reefLIVE Aquarium project is "paused" due to funding and the effects of Covid. James Eyre stated "There’s no route to seeing it on site at the moment". (Belfast Telegraph)

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