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28 University Road and 1 Upper Crescent, BT7 1NA

About Kainos Crescent House

Crescent House is a three storey restrained Italiante stuccoed terrace townhouse set on the corner of Upper Crescent and University Road. It was designed by William Hastings and built in 1869. The building has been leased by Kainos Software and will be converted into office space.

Its original resident was Dr Wilberforce Arnold, whose family remained there until the early 1900s. The next occupant was a Dr. John Campbell, who was followed by a Dr. William Campbell. The University Road section of the property was used a surgery by both Dr. John Campbell & Dr. William Campbell (and possibly Dr. Wilberforce Arnold).

In the 1970s the building was acquired by Queen’s University and served as the University’s Institute of Professional Legal Studies.

In 2001-02 the property was converted to a branch of the Bank of Ireland. The building was practically rebuilt in the process, with half of the first floor and all of the second floor converted to offices and linked to the large modern office block to the east. As part of the conversion, a large modern-style entrance was added to the west of the building and many of the historic internal walls and features have been lost.

In May 2022, it was announced that Crescent House would be leased to Kainos Software and converted into office space. The building will also be accessible from Kaino's existing Upper Crescent office, which is the location of Kainos Software's main headquarters. Kainos submitted a planning application (LA04/2022/0964/F) proposing a change of use from bank to office use at the ground floor level and part of first floor level; including internal and external alterations and all associated works.

Works commenced on the site in December 2022.

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