City Quays 5

Mixed Use development
Including Office, Retail use

Donegall Quay, City Quays, BT1 3AT

About City Quays 5

City Quays 5 is a proposed mixed use office, retail and amenity development located on an existing car park located south of Corporation Square, and west of Donegall Quay, Belfast. The application site is approximately 3,538sqm (0.353 hectares) and occupies a prominent space within the City Quays Masterplan area. 

The City Quays 5 proposals include:

  • A range of new ground floor retail and amenity spaces
  • A new building entrance and reception opposite the proposed City Quays Gardens and Belfast Harbour Commissioner’s Office
  • A separate entrance and Gallery / Community Space which can be accessed from Donegall Quay along with a direct link with the multi-storey car park to the rear A restaurant / bar at roof level with terrace overlooking City Quays Gardens

In December 2023, Belfast Harbour submitted a planning application (LA04/2023/4613/F) proposing the erection of office building (Class B1a) including ground floor retail (Class A1), Community and Cultural (Class D1) and restaurant uses, and licensed restaurant at upper level with external terrace, landscaping, servicing and all associated site works.

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