127-131 Holywood Road

Residential development
Including Retail use

127-131 Holywood Road, BT4 1PQ

About 127-131 Holywood Road

127-131 Holywood Road is currently a vacant site. The site was previously comprised of a three storey and two storey building. The three storey building previously housed Taste of India, an Indian and European hot food takeway. The two storey building previously housed Worldchoice Strandtown travel agents. Both buildings were demolished in 2012.

In November 2007, Mr McCanana submitted a planning application (Z/2007/2699/F) proposing the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of new 4 storey office building with ground floor retail unit. This application was approved in June 2008. The buildings were demolished 2012 but construction of the 4 storey office building did not commence.

In July 2022, Roxborough Plant and Construction Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2022/1441/F) proposing the construction of a mixed use development comprising of ground floor retail unit & 6 no. apartments.

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