PBSA Little Victoria & Bruce Street

Student Accommodation development

Bruce Street, BT2 7JH

About PBSA Little Victoria & Bruce Street

The site is 0.09 hectares and is located along Bruce Street, with frontages onto Little Victoria Street and Holmes Street. The site was previously comprised of 3 storey commercial buildings. These have since been demolished as part of the redevelopment.

In October 2018, ES Little Victoria Street Ltd (McAleer & Rushe) submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/2602/F) seeking the demolition of the existing building and erection of a new 15No. storey purpose built student accommodation building. This application was apporved in March 2021.

In September 2021, ES Little Victoria Street Ltd submitted a new planning application (LA04/2021/2242/F) seeking the erection of a new 15No. storey purpose built student accommodation building. This was an amended scheme from their previously approved application. A document was prepared and submitted to planning service by ES Little Victoria Street Ltd's team on 14th May, 2020 entitled “Project Status Report” and sought to put forward a revised proposal that could be considered as amendments under the initial application. However, feedback was received from Planning Service on 20th May,and again on 5th June which advised that a new application would need to be made citing elapsed timescale since Planning Committee meeting.

The scheme was amended to meet the commercial requirements of the student accommodation operator. The amendments including change in type of accommodation from clusters to individual self contained studios, a small change in building height and a change in the facade design to 'demostate a greater degree of rhythm articulation'.

The amended scheme was approved by Belfast City Councill in December 2021. Site preparation was underway in January 2022 with piling rigs moving on site.

In March 2022, a non-material change application was submitted (LA04/2022/0695/NMC) seeking a small reduction in the building height & a reduction in the proposed area of the covered plant room on the roof.

The scheme completed in September 2023 and is being operated by Vita student

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