93-95 Falls Road

Residential development
Including Retail use

93-95 Falls Road, BT12 4PE

About 93-95 Falls Road

93-95 Falls Road measures 0.043 hectares and is a two storey building that comprises the former McDermotts Social Club which has remained vacant for a number of years.

In September 2018, Kerr Property Holdings Ltd submitted a planning application (LA04/2018/2292/F) proposing the demolition of the existing building and the erection of 16 apartments for social housing use and 1 retail unit on the ground floor. This application was refused in September 2019 as the proposal "would result in an unacceptable damage to the residential amenity of neighbouring dwellings, and create conflict through dominance, overshadowing and loss of light as a result of the proposed height, scale and mass of the buildings". It was also refused as an "adequate provision has not been made for appropriate private open space as an integral part of the development" and due to "insufficient details regarding parking and transport impact and sustainability".

In November 2020, Scarsdale Properties LLP submitted a planning application (LA04/2020/2280/F) proposing a mixed use development comprising 1 ground floor retail unit and 13 apartments, associated amenity space, landscaping and all other site works. This application was refused in April 2022 due to "a lack of onsite car parking facilities which will lead to an unacceptable negative impact on existing on-street parking availability and will erode the character of the area".

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